LVN Salary in Alaska

The average salary of Licensed Vocational Nurses in Alaska is $55,050 per annum, which is higher than the average LVN Salary in the U.S.A.

In the table below, we provide the average salary of LVN in Alaska, the average salary in Alaska and the average LVN Salary, so you can compare them yourself.

LVN Salary in Alaska

Average Salary
LVN Salary in Alaska (AK) $55,050
Alaska State Salary $58,480
LVN Salary in U.S.A. $47,000

Metropolitan and Nonmetropolitan LVN Salary, Alaska

Hourly Rate
Weekly Pay
Monthly Pay
Annual Salary
Anchorage Alaska $28.37 $1,135 $4,917 $58,890
Fairbanks Alaska $26.87 $1,075 $4,658 $55,000
Nonmetropolitan area Southeast Alaska $29.45 $1,178 $5,105 $61,260
Southwest Alaska / Railbelt nonmetropolitan area $28.36 $1,134 $4,916 $58,990