LVN Program Course Content

Nursing is a highly skilled profession. Originally, nurses received very little classroom training. Experienced nurses taught the newbies in patient care. Later, hospital based programs were offered and many enrolled in that. Those were only diploma courses. But now various nursing programs are available in institutions of higher learning.

LVN programs are the type of self-contained courses of nursing which integrates concepts of nursing with practical knowledge so as to enable an individual to be an effective nurse. These programs can be completed in a year’s time and does not cost the earth. It provides them with excellent opportunities to get into the healthcare sector and begin working as soon as possible. Today a vocational nurse has opportunities to work in schools, health centers, doctors’ offices and clinics.

Nursing School

A vocational nursing program can be studied in California Community Colleges, nursing schools or vocational institutions, provided they are accredited. Finding a nursing program to enroll is not hard as there are numerous schools to choose from. Some of the criteria for choosing an optimum nursing program are nursing program profiles, nursing school facilities, equipment and faculty, admission requirements, accreditations, personal finances, professional goals, etc. A combined analysis of these will lead to an optimum nursing program option that is right for the individual.

Meeting the requisite academic qualifications is the criteria for getting admitted to these programs. On completion of the course, the successful candidates are designated as vocational nurses and they can get employed in the medical sector without delay.

Course Content

LVN programs cover patient care, administering medicines, healthcare laws and nursing administrations. Clinical practice takes place in hospitals and sometimes in other settings also.

In addition to course studies, candidates will also have to complete a specified number of training hours in a healthcare facility to qualify as a vocational nurse. Vocational nursing courses are available worldwide. Courses are now offered both online and at actual colleges.
Upon completion of the program, the students are ready to perform direct patient care and basic nursing services under the supervision of a registered nurse or doctor.

Opportunities & LVN Salary

Due to advancement in medical science, the life spans of individuals are becoming longer. Because of this, the number of people requiring healthcare services and the number of healthcare facilities are increasing. In turn, the demand for vocational nurses is also increasing.

Vocational nursing is an integral and essential part of nursing. The course is of a short duration and the fees are not exorbitant. Educational advancement is also possible, if one wants to become more than a vocational nurse. Career opportunities are numerous as the healthcare field is rapidly expanding and there is a huge demand for nurses. Some of the vocational schools also offer job placement, which is a huge boon for a vocational nurse.

All in all, nursing is a high paying and professional vocation. The average LVN salary is now approaching $50,000 per year! The care and expertise of a well-trained nurse goes a long way in recuperation of a patient. The physiological skills coupled with the medical knowledge have made them a very vital cog in the health care sector.