LPN Programs in NYC

Here are some Crucial Mistakes You Need To Avoid

Deciding to become a nurse is a great career choice for many. Working in healthcare can be rewarding, both emotionally and financially. It pays well, there is always room for advancement and the hours are flexible. In addition, it is a field that does not suffer from layoffs due to a sinking economy. People always get sick and, in turn, always need nurses to take care of them.

In fact, many people consider healthcare, nursing in particular, to be a recession-proof job. Whatever your reasons, there are some points you need to know before you register for LPN programs in NYC. The more you know in advance the greater your chance for success as a LPN. Make sure you do not make one of these classic, rookie mistakes.

Not Knowing What Is Involved:

    1. It seems silly, but many potential nurses sign up without having a clue what is involved in the day-to-day routine of the job. Avoid this mistake before entering any LPN programs NYC by getting answers. Volunteer at a long term care facility or a hospital. They are always happy for the help.
    2. You can also ask about job shadowing, a process in which you actual follow another LPN around for a few hours and get a much better fell for what your own days will soon be like. Nursing is not for the faint of heart. You do not want to enter an LPN program only to find out that you cannot handle the sight of blood.

Not Making Contacts:

    1. You may think that you don’t need contacts in nursing, like you do in business. This is partially correct. There are times when it does not hurt to know a few people. They can help you hear about un-advertised openings or even give you a good word when a position is down to you and another candidate. Make friends with your instructors.
    2. Be extra nice to everyone in clinicals. You can even schedule an informational interview at your dream hospital. This type of informational video can also let you know what the prevailing LVN salary is. Talk to Human Resources about what they are looking for and ask them what you should know about LPN programs in NYC. Save their business card and thank them for their time. It cannot hurt.


Choosing a Non-Accredited Program:

    1. This is shocking, but true. There are LPN programs in NYC that operate without Board approval. Maybe they are awaiting approval, maybe they think you will not check. Avoid this crucial mistake by checking and crosschecking your school or program of choice. This does not mean that all community colleges are approved and not all private schools are. Call the board to check before registering, no matter how safe you think it is. In fact, many private schools get a bad rap because they are so much more expensive. When, in fact, the education they offer can be equal, if not superior, to your nearby community college.
    2. There is a lot of debate going on about the value of LPN and other Allied Health programs available through private schools. Yes, they are more expensive but something can definitely be said for finishing in 11 busy months while others are still on the waiting list to get into the community college.


Not Knowing What You Want:

    1. Are you looking into LPN programs in NYC because you think it is easy? Are you determined to work in a hospital? Write out a list of your career goals. Putting it down on paper, in black and white, can help you see things more clearly. Be honest with yourself. If you are not a people person, look into other Allied Health professions.
    2. The great thing about healthcare is that there are so many career paths to take. In fact, becoming a LPN can be a starting point for you. Think of it as the first half of becoming a RN (registered nurse). Once you accomplish the RN designation, you can continue on to BSN, a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing. You could specialize in any number of fields such as Labor and Delivery, Med/Surg or even flight nurse.
    3. If you have a head for business, you could even continue on to management or leave the hospital system altogether and work in pharmaceutical sales. The possibilities are endless but you need to know what you want.


Not Knowing How To Prepare:

  1. LPN programs in NYC all require basic college prep courses prior to admission. In fact, many require that you pass these classes with a B or C average before even putting your name on the wait list. Find out what the pre-requisites are for your LPN programs NYC in advance. More than likely you will need to take Anatomy and Physiology, Psychology and some introductory Nursing class.
  2. Be sure to study hard. You want to ace these classes for two reasons. One, they are the foundation of everything you are about to learn and, two, the grades may be the deciding factor to your acceptance into the LPN program.
  3. If you have extra time, buy a medical terms dictionary at the college bookstore and start making index cards. Unbelievably, you will probably know every word in that dictionary very soon.

Nursing is a vast field, full of opportunities. There are many LPN programs in NYC to choose from. If you work hard, know what you are getting into and what you want to get out of it, you will be successful. You will have found a home in healthcare.