Baptist School of Health Professions LVN Program

12 Month Vocational Nursing Program

Do you want to be a licensed vocational nurse in Texas? If yes, you need to check out how Baptist School of Health Professions(BSHP) can help you.

Being part of the medical field is a prestigious and wonderful career. However, it is not always easy to work in this area. Thus, for most people who want to be part of the medical industry, the role of a vocational nurse is a perfect entry point. You can finish a vocational nursing program in one to two years. It is also cost-effective and less complicated than other medical professions.

So if you think you are ready to be a vocational nurse or you want to know more about this job, let Baptist School of Health Professions be your partner in achieving your goals.

About Baptist School of Health Professions

Baptist School of Health Professions has been in operation for more than a century. From its first day until now, they have been dedicated to helping people attain a better wellness level and educate citizens to improve their overall quality of life.

As a baccalaureate degree-granting institution, it has offered premier and excellent education to countless students. The school seeks to develop a solid foundation of the right knowledge and skills to help students be a competent member of the healthcare team.

As for the accreditation, the Baptist School of Health Professions have the following:

About the Vocational Nursing Program at BSHP

The Baptist School of Health Professions offers LVN programs in Texas to qualified students. The program teaches students of the fundamentals of nursing and how to provide bedside care for patients from any age group. After completing the program, graduates may take the national exam for graduates of vocational nursing programs (NCLEX-PN).

Obtaining a license enables a vocational nurse to legally practice his/her profession. The licensed vocational nurse (LVN) works directly under the supervision of a physician or registered nurse. The LVN obtains the skills to take care of patients who have routine health problems in a broad range of healthcare setting.

The LVN program comes in day and evening classes. The Day classes are offered Monday through Friday while the evening classes from Monday through Saturday.

For some students, they have the choice whether to work while enrolled in the program or simply study full-time. Students must evaluate his/her learning styles to identify the best schedule for the program.

Admission Requirements at BSHP

To be accepted in the vocational nursing program, students must meet the following requirements:

  1. Pass the TEAS VI entrance exam (minimum scores: 64.3 Reading, 56 Math, 43 Science, 50 English)
  2. Official college transcripts showing completion of prerequisite courses with final grades of a C or higher. The prerequisite subjects include Anatomy & Physiology I and II. Laboratory hours are recommended for those who plan to proceed from vocational nurse to registered nurse.
  3. High school diploma
  4. High school transcript
  5. GED certificate
  6. Complete Hepatitis B vaccine
  7. Criminal history background checks
  8. Complete health screening
  9. Pass substance abuse test
  10. Proof of health insurance coverage
  11. Certified CPR provider
  12. Photocopy of Driver’s License and Social Security Card
  13. Attend new student Processing Day

Program Cost

Tuition and fees – $17,075

Books and supplies $150

Off-campus room and board – $12,480

Available Financial Aid Program

The school supports students who might have financial difficulty. In this case, the school encourages students to apply for federal funding from the Free Application for Federal Student (FAFSA). Students may choose Federal Pell Grant, Federal Direct Subsidized Loan, Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan, and Federal Direct Parent Loan.

Licensed Vocational Nursing Job Opportunities

An LVN enjoys a lot of career options in the healthcare industry. LVNs can be employed in acute care settings, skilled nursing facilities, private homes, physicians’ offices, clinics, schools, and companies, and more According to the US Department of Labor, vocational nursing jobs have a faster growth rate than the average growth of other professions. The average LVN salary in South Texas is $40,077.

Why Choose Baptist School of Health Professions?

The Baptist School of Health Professions provides an excellent venue to learn the different theoretical and practical concepts of nursing through LVN programs. The school has well-equipped clinical sites through the Baptist Health System.

Due to the excellent educational program of the school, it has received commendations from the Texas Board of Nursing. In fact, the school is the #1 NCLEX-PN pass rate in Bexar County. To top it all, the school has a seasoned and highly competent nursing faculty dedicated to delivering high-quality instructions.

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