Medical Billing & Coding Schools


There are various positions in the medical field but very few programs have the stability to sustain in the fields and give people lifelong career. One such effective and useful program is of Medical Billing and Coding. These are recognized by medical terminology for online certification program and this is designed specifically for the coding and medical billing field. There are many online certificate courses offered by various universities, education providers and accredited institutes.

An overview:

There are medical terminology words like “etymology” which are used for human anatomy. When you have completed successfully Medical Billing and Coding Programs with additional Medical course in Terminology, then it will help you in being prepared to take up any job as entry level position also in any medical office as billing or coding professional.

After this one can also qualify and register for NHA’s (National Health career Association) and Coding Specialist and Certified Billing exam. When you clear these exams then you will have the medical coding and billing specialist certification.

Various kinds of Medical Billing and Coding Schools:

These schools are very valuable for crucial insights in the healthcare industry. In the medical programs you will be taught to convert any diagnosis, drugs into medical codes, procedures, whereas medical billing is all about billing patients records for office visits and procedures for insurance companies.

There are various payment processes done by insurance companies and hence coding and billing data is submitted to them for researching, data collection and billing for improving the billing procedures.

There are many aspects of specialization in the field and as per interest you can choose the Medical Billing and Coding Schools in following fields:

  • Ethics and medical terminology
  • ICD-10-CM for coding in diagnosis
  • Verification of patient’s records
  • Procedures coding (CPT-4)
  • Supplies coding for HCPCS
  • Sample papers and medical billing education guidelines
  • UB-92 Claims and CMS-1500
  • IVR Coding, Radiology and surgery coding, EM auditing
  • CPC Exam preparation and Certification with HIPAA
  • Answer rationales with many practice questions
  • CCA, CCAT, CPAT, CPC-H, CCS CPC, CMRS, RMC test classes

Medical Billing and Coding Careers:

There are various designations open for medical billing professionals like clerk, coding specialist, billing specialist and clerk. There are many openings for medical coding and billing professionals to work as consultant of private medical billing and coding group for servicing healthcare units. Many also do medical billing from home.

After completing one of the accredited Medical Billing And Coding schools, your career will have not only financial success but this is kind of best table job for you serving noble medical profession. After few years of experience you can even be the administration head in any big hospital. The insurance reimbursement is directly proportional as per the experience of the coding specialist. Skills and dedication in the field will take you long way in the field.

If you choose the right program in the field then you will success greatly as per the standards of US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the largest in U.S. This is great demand of certified billers and coders in medical field but for only those you know the work profile and work with sincerity.

Medical Billing and Coding Diploma


The medical billing & coding field holds many different positions. It is about submitting and following various claims on insurance companies for receiving payments for the healthcare provider. If a person is looking for perfect table job fetching good financial gains then this is the field and a Medical Billing and Coding Diploma will help you in climbing the success ladder faster.

Responsibilities of the field:

Every job in medical field has certain specific roles, which must be executed well because in hospital administration department each work is connected with other and so in Medical Billing and Coding Diploma the subjects for the billers and coders are very common for understanding the basic terminology. The work includes keeping the financial records updated, managing and assisting patients for nay records and helping them with paper work.

Medical billing and coding professionals accurately process and record the data of all patients, treatment records, receive payments and give the insurance information, maintain bills. If the patients have medical claim done then the billers will request the payment from insurance company of the patient only as the diagnosis and file has to be coded as closed after the patient is discharged.

These professionals work in large urban hospital, rehabilitation centers and other health care centers. They have to organize the patient’s records, statements and bills for confirming that the coding information is correct. In coding the diagnoses of diseases are recorded and are converted in a format that is applicable and understood in entire health care industry.

Specialists frequently work with insurance companies for verification of policy for getting payments easily for patient. When extra payments are not covered in insurance then the specialists have to submit bills and payment plans of patients.

Career scope

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has predicted that position for a Medical Billing and Coding Diploma will be demanding in coming few years. The diploma will make sure to have position. Today computer technology is more prevalent so the job profiles also change with time in medical institutions.

The demand for qualified and experienced skilled billing and coding specialists have increased for transferring data to computer files, and establish efficient coding and billing systems. This huge demand has pushed the average medical billing and coding salary to an all-time high!

The following courses are offered in a diploma program

  1. Clinical Office Administration
  2. ICD Coding
  3. Medical Finance
  4. Terminology
  5. Anatomy with Physiology

After the diploma program, you can be offered following positions like medical record coding specialists, coders for health information, office administrative assistants, and database supervisors. 

These careers deal basically with administrative environments. No particular diploma eligibility is laid by the foundation but medical coding and billing aspirants can learn various programs from following universities like:

Kaplan University, Virginia online College, Allen School, Ultimate Medical Academy, Colorado Technical institute, Performance Training organization and the Lincoln College.

Medical Billing and Coding schools will require certified technicians to go through (AHIMA) and (AAPC). A 2-year Associate’s degree course is required by the Commission of Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management Education for the certification exam.

Medical billing and coding courses

Description: Certification, degree, diploma, associate degree, so much to choose from to make a career in medical billing and coding. Pick the right program wisely and make a positive difference to your life.

It is inevitable to have a formal education in certain professions and medical billing and coding is no different. Without a formal education it is not possible to enter a field like medical billing and coding.

Similar to doctors, engineers or architects, medical coders need to apply what they have learnt in their real time jobs too. Hence without a formal education understanding the basic concept is out of question.

Besides this formal education also trains and equips you to efficiently handle challenging and stress full situation that are not uncommon in this profession. Before you randomly decide on which program to take in medical billing and coding it is very important to understand what each of the programs are offering you.

Certification in Medical Billing and coding

Certification programs are offered by many accredited medical billing & coding schools, as well as colleges for students interested to get in to the profession of Medical billing and coding. You need to at least pass your high school grade to enroll yourself in certification program.

There are various types of certification programs available ranging from six months to twelve months. You can choose one that suits your requirement. Always remember certification is the least of formal education you can receive to acquire a job as a medical coder.

It is a mandatory requirement at some schools to score high grades to qualify for the final certification exam. Certification programs are offered online by various accredited universities and colleges. It is ideal for working students who find it hard to attend conventional college.

Associate Degree programs in Medical Billing and coding

One of the most sought after degree program in medical billing and coding. On an Average three out of every five aspiring students take up associate’s degree program n medical billing and coding. This program is offered by every recognized college and universities. It is ideal for students wanting to earn a professional degree at the earliest and take up jobs.

You need to at least pass your high school or equivalent diploma to be eligible to enroll for the associate program. Associate programs are two year programs. They cover every minute aspect of medical billing and coding. The curriculum offers ample training in understanding various medical and financial terminologies.

Subjects like healthcare administration, anatomy, procedures for claiming insurance, billing, coding, record keeping, physiology, management of healthcare facilities, information security, keyboarding and much more and covered in depth.

After successfully completing your associate degree program you can take up job as a medical coder, medical clerk and so on in any hospitals and medical centers. You can further upgrade your knowledge and get better career prospects by earning a Bachelors degree.

Bachelors Degree Program in Medical Billing and Coding

A Bachelor’s degree is the best program one can opt for in the field of medical billing and coding. Bachelor’s degree program is a four year rigorous degree program. Students need to successfully complete their high school or equivalent diploma to enroll in bachelor’s degree program.

The career prospects are excellent for students holding bachelor’s as it covers all the possible aspects in depth of medical billing and coding. They also possess ample hands on training in various aspects of medical coding. Sensitivity of the profession is well understood and tasks are performed accurately by students with bachelor’s degree.

After completion of bachelor’s degree program students can opt for post of medical billing specialists, medical information manager and much more. Bachelor’s degree program are also offered online by various universities and colleges, do not forget to check you options before you make a decision.

Coding Salary vs LVN Salary

Medical billing and coding specialists typically make 10% or more annually than Licensed Vocational Nurses. Although the average LVN salary continues to rise, it is substantially outpaced by medical billing professionals.