Medical Billing And Coding Salary


With the increase in world population, there is a definite increase in the health problems. With the emergence of new diseases, hospitals have more work and much more medical billing and coding jobs. The average medical billing and coding salary is important for such booming career having ample opportunities for everyone. Placed under the category of healthcare, this occupation is concerned with assembling patient’s records, its bills and putting them in a systematic manner.

As the complexity of medical system increases the salary is not constraint in this expanding field with a horizon in sight at present. An example: a patient’s medical claim is filled by the coder to the respective insurance firm, the acceptance and rejection is monitored by the coder. In case of rejection of the application, it has to be improved and worked on by the coder, so as to be accepted by the insurance company.

Coding salary

A great medical billing and coding salary provides you with an income much higher than any other table job would provide. The range of income differs from one place to another; in fact it ranges highly from one country to another. Here the specialization field of a coding job also matters.

A neuro-surgeon gets a much higher pay as compared to a plastic surgeon in the same coding job. Metro cities have a high income rate to that of any other city. The biggest draw of having a career in a coding job is the high income. A Medical coding salary is much higher than that of any other healthcare salary for the same task of making entries.

Skills needed

To apply for a job of updating data like that of certified billers, there would be a requiring of some skills and communication is vital. Easy communication is a must for this kind of a job. Knowing multiple languages will be plus point for the applicant. Software knowledge is another criterion. Properly accredited medical billing and coding schools typically provide this type of training.

Experience with the use of a computer and its handling are required. Knowledge of various software and it applications would make the job easy. Lastly, a grasping power is needed to continually understand the constant changes in the technological devices, computer software and job procedures. The ability to get accustomed to these changes is a must. Salary depends on the skills of the person.

Overall outlook

The opportunity that a decent Medical coding salary provides seems very promising. Statistical data suggest rapid development in the field. It is considered that coding jobs have a growth higher than any other average job. It also provides with a job security as medical records are under constant scrutiny of the government.

The primary job site is in the hospital but many coders have been placed in multiple places like private and government care centers, with private physicians, nursing centers etc. with increase in the number of new born there would be an increase in medical reports and so the need for a coder increases. Medical centers will be in a state of chaos without a coder to fill their data in an easy accessible form.

Information on Medical Billing Salary


As demand of the nursing homes have increased so there is an increase in the job ratio of the field due to which competition will increase and hence the salary will also increase. Already in USA, this field jobs on average are higher than many other fields. The typical Medical Billing and Coding Salary depends on the skills of the person.

The person working as a medical biller has the responsibility to identify the record of the patient by using one of the methods of the alphanumeric system, which is accepted by the hospitals system of USA. The skill of alphanumeric includes various things in it like the description of the treatment and injuries and various other information that a client chart contents.

The average medical biller earns $44,000 in United States per year. There are individual who take this field as a part time job. They have to go through the learning procedure to complete diploma in it or they can obtain associate degree in it. The person, who wants to have a full time career, should go through bachelor’s degree that will make the individual enter in the job at a high post. Some experts are able to do medical billing from home. These experts can make as much as $80,000 annually.

Medical Coding Salary

The salary of the individual differs with respect to the medical field you are working in. One of the best medical fields to earn a good amount as medical coder and biller is Neuro-Psychiarty, which offers the opportunity to earn $ 62,500 in a year. Fields like intervention radiology and plastic surgery pay around $50,000. This is slightly lower than the average LVN salary in the US.

The main aspect of earning in this field is that the salary depends on the person’s knowledge, individual more knowledge and has done the bachelor degree in it will get the higher amount and the individual who has done only diploma in it will get less amount to earn.

Growth in job: As per US, bureau of labor statistics the growth of job in this field is expected to rise almost 20% from 2014-2024.This ratio is better than the ratio of the other job in USA that makes this field interesting one with job guaranteed. The demanding is increasing day-by-day due to the increase in security by government in medical records.

Around 39% of Medical billers work in a hospital. They can also be found working at healthcare home services, nursing care facilities, physician offices, outpatient care centers. It is expected that there will be a large number of increase in nursing centers and assisted living centers. By having this kind of demand, it is expected that the job of Medical billers and coders will increase on a large scale and so the Medical Billing and Coding Salary.

Medical billers play an important role in the hospital in two ways, first are due to the increase in security by the government regarding the hospital matters and second are the hospital will not be able to keep the data of the patient and their payments which are done or which are pending without the help of the Medical billers. One should not be surprised with the increase in competition between the health care centers the demand of the individuals who are medical billers as it will also increase on a large scale.

Medical Billing & Coding Salary Vs LVN Salary

As a general rule, LVNs and licensed practical nurses make slightly more than specialists in medical billing. One of the main reasons for this is that licensed vocational nurses and LPNs have to go through significantly more schooling and on the job training. It typically takes 12 to 18 months to become an LVN.

Depending on the metropolitan area, LVNs may make as much as $10,000 more annually than medical billers. This isn’t always the case, however. For example: a medical coder with up-to-date experience with ICD-10 and DSM-V coding and billing may make substantially more than a vocational nurse.