LVN/LPN Salary in Georgia

The average salary of Licensed Vocational Nurses in Georgia is $46,040 per annum, which is lower than the average LVN Salary in the U.S.A.

In the table below, we provide the average salary of LVN in Georgia, the average salary in Georgia and the average LVN Salary, so you can compare them yourself.

LVN Salary in Georgia

Average Salary
LVN Salary in Georgia (GA) $46,040
Georgia State Salary $48,310
LVN Salary in U.S.A. $47,000

LVN Salary in Metropolitan and Nonmetropolitan Areas

Hourly Rate
Weekly Wage
Monthly Salary
Annual Salary
Albany GA $19.14 $766 $3,318 $39,820
Athens-Clarke County GA $20.98 $839 $3,636 $43,630
Atlanta-Sandy Springs-Marietta GA $22.00 $880 $3,814 $45,770
Augusta-Richmond County GA-SC $20.65 $826 $3,580 $42,960
Brunswick GA $20.12 $805 $3,488 $41,850
Chattanooga TN-GA $20.83 $833 $3,610 $43,320
Dalton GA $19.19 $768 $3,326 $39,910
Gainesville GA $19.11 $764 $3,313 $39,750
Hinesville-Fort Stewart GA 19.98 $799 $3,463 $41,558
Macon GA $20.76 $831 $3,599 $43,190
Rome GA $20.38 $815 $3,532 $42,380
Savannah GA $21.17 $847 $3,669 $44,030
Valdosta GA $18.71 $748 $3,243 $38,910
Warner Robins GA $21.02 $841 $3,643 $43,720
North Georgia nonmetropolitan area $20.87 $835 $3,617 $43,400
Middle Georgia nonmetropolitan area $19.29 $772 $3,343 $40,120
East Georgia nonmetropolitan area $19.66 $786 $3,408 $40,890
South Georgia nonmetropolitan area $18.00 $720 $3,121 $37,450

LPN Programs In Georgia

A Licensed Practical Nurse works with a team of nurses to provide basic care to patients while under the supervision of the registered nurse. This popular career in nursing allows the student to complete an accredited in as little as one year, becoming part of a team in a hospital or clinic, providing care to patients. There are many different types of nurses, and LPNs are critical to providing quality patient care.

You can choose to enroll into one of the many accredited LPN/LVN programs in Georgia through community colleges, technical schools or nursing schools to learn the skills that are required to provide the basic care to patients in a clinic or hospital situation.

The year-long course is a great option if you are looking for a career in nursing. It also allows for you to take an LPN/LVN to RN program further down the road. With the ability to become a registered nurse, the education comes the increase available in salary, allowing for increased opportunity for your future potential.

What is required to enter a Georgia LPN program?

Prerequisites that are required for the student to become an LPN often include the completion of secondary school. These prerequisite courses are integral to the foundation of the nursing program, and include chemistry, math and English. These courses are going to help to provide the framework learned throughout your practical nursing program, building the basics of the information learned in the process of becoming a Licensed Practical Nurse.

Once you’ve competed your LPN program you’ll be required to obtain a license that will allow you to work in a clinic, hospital or primary care facility. The practical nurse license is granted once you pass the NCLEX-PN. To increase the chances of successfully passing the examination and becoming a LPN, you should consider enrolling in study courses that can review the information learned during your practical nursing program. Students enrolling in this type of course are more likely to pass the NCLEX-PN and become licensed as an LPN, being able to enter the workforce as soon as possible.

Students interested in a career as a Licensed Practical Nurse should research the admission requirements, program lengths and other information that is pertinent to the career through the local nursing schools – while comparing the cost and outlook of the programs with community colleges in the area.