Galen College LVN Program

LVNs face a brighter future with the increasing demands for their services. Statistics foresee as much as 16 percent growth from 2019 to 2024. This growth astoundingly tops by seven percent almost all occupations and professions combined.

The aging baby boomer population is one of the biggest factors that influence this strong occupation outlook for LVNs. The employment growth for LVNs hits two ways – the increase of elderly Americans needing nursing care and replacing retiring baby boomer LVNs.

Getting through the door of the booming and lucrative healthcare industry is accomplished with the first step or a long-term LVN career. Helping other people is also the best job for people who love doing it.

With this said, the Galen College of Nursing LVN program offers the first step with its traditional face-to-face classroom and clinical settings. The courses offered, in line with other accredited LVN programs in Texas, provide students the needed training and education to make them future highly-skilled and professional LVNs.

Enrolling into the vocational nursing program at Galen College of Nursing depends on the admission. The fall semester is the starting point for LVN classes and set to continue for 10 months.

Clinical, classroom and laboratory experiences are the education and training in store for aspiring students. Clinical rotations are utilized in various healthcare facilities and hospitals.

Galen College of Nursing LVN Program Admission Criteria

An applicant is deemed qualified if the composite score of the ATI TEAS is 65% or higher. The LVN program of Galen College of Nursing admission requirement is the computer-based assessment ATI TEAS or ATI Test of Essential Academic Skills. The test is a 170-item, multiple-choice, and four-option assessment to measure the following basic skills, to include:

  • Language/English Usage (28 questions, 28 minutes)
  • Reading (53 questions, 64 minutes)
  • Science (53 questions, 63 minutes)
  • Mathematics (36 questions, 54 minutes)

The test takes approximately 3 ½ hours to finish.

The LVN program of Galen College of Nursing requires applicants to score the minimum score on the various ATI TEAS test sections:

  • Science section score of at least 33.3% correct answers
  • Reading section score of at least 50% correct answers
  • Language/English Usage score of at least 50% correct answers
  • Mathematics score of at least 50% correct answers

In addition to the ATI TEAS requirement, an applicant is required to:

  1. Attend a face-to-face or online Information Session program
  2. Complete the application form.
  3. Submit evidence of hepatitis B series and other updated immunizations
  4. Submit GED certificate, college transcript or high school transcript

Galen College of Nursing LVN Program’s Core Curriculum

The entire LVN program curriculum of Galen College of Nursing bears the stamp of accreditation from the Education System of Texas and approval from the Nursing Board of Texas.

In line with the LVN programs in Texas, the entire 3-semester curriculum will include the following:

First Semester

The introductory courses of the LVN discipline cover the first semester’s syllabus. The first seeds of LVN courses are planted with exposure to basic nursing skills. This is to make the student understand the various subjects offered in the next two semesters. The catalog of subjects included during the first semester classes includes Mathematics, Nursing 101, 102, 103, and 104. Additionally, pharmacology, health assessment, workings of the human body, and introduction to nursing are taught as well.

Second Semester

Further knowledge expansion is expected in the second semester with the organized classes in human anatomy and physiology, Nursing 105 and 106, and English. The inclusion of English as a subject is to improve the written communication skills of the student as LVN’s are expected to be excel in this particular skill. The basics of maternal, adult care and infant nursing are introduced during this period.

Third Semester

The end draws near for the LVN program’s time frame during the third semester. The semester wraps up the NCLEX-PN preparation leading to the start of a student’s career as a professional LVN. The advanced nursing courses will cover nursing’s psychosocial phase as a way to equip the student in meeting the daily rigors of being a vocational nurse.

It’s been said that the first step to anything is always the hardest to do. This same rule applies when you’re thinking of a career in the healthcare industry. The LVN program offered by Galen College of Nursing steers you in the right direction. Enrolling in the vocational nursing program makes you see whether you want to proceed further as an RN or to have a long-term career as a vocational nurse. Galen College also offers an LVN to RN program.