Del Mar College LVN Program

Accredited LVN programs offer aspiring students one of the strongest career fields in Texas. Choosing to enroll in LVN programs in Texas propels you to the right career path.

Texas holds the top rank of employing the highest number of nurses. Yet, even employing the largest numbers of nurses in the nation still makes the Lone Star State see a huge shortage.

Information on the LVN Program at Del Mar College

Del Mar College offers a one-year LVN program as a way to equip aspiring nursing students the right skillset for further career advancements. The typical coursework for an LVN program at Del Mar College doesn’t include courses in general education.

LVN programs in Texas are not degree programs. Rather, learning various nursing tasks is the main focus of the curriculum. As part of the accredited LVN programs in Texas, performing clinical duties at skilled nursing facilities and local hospitals is included in the LVN program of Del Mar College.

The one-year-long LVN program of Del Mar College is a full-time program. Classes start at 8:00 am until 5:00 pm, Monday to Thursday. Proper attendance is highly recommended as this program only takes a year to finish. Your success as a student and a future LVN are critical to your attendance. Fridays are for the completion of online program work.

The LVN program of Del Mar College is a full-time education experience.

Admission Requirements

Students need to meet or exceed entrance requirements at Del Mar College before they can be admitted to the LVN program. Generally, students have to comply with the following:

  • Be a GED certificate holder or high school graduate
  • Attend a compulsory program information session
  • Schedule a TEAS Test. The TEAS Test is a requirement for all LVN programs in Texas. Taking and passing the exam is to ensure that students can meet the LVN program’s vocabulary, reading, and math comprehension portion.
  • It is fortunate that there are many free TEAS practice exams available online. Practicing on them enables you to get a passing TEAS score of at least 55. You need to get the passing score to advance to the next step of your application.
  • Take the TEAS test and get at least a 55 passing score. An application packet from the Del Mar College LVN program will be sent to you if you passed the TEAS test.
  • The application packet has to be filled out with no blanks. You can get in touch with the program director of the Del Mar College LVN program to help you complete the application.There’s a deadline date for the application. This means that you need to fill it up and submit on or before the deadline date.
  • An email will inform you whether you have been accepted or denied admission to the LVN program of Del Mar College
  • An acceptance notification needs to be returned promptly to Del Mar College.

Del Mar College LVN Program Classes for One-year Certificate

Semester I

A total of 14 units during the first semester of the LVN program include:

  • Basic Nursing Skills ———————————————– 3
  • Fundamentals of Clinical Vocational Nurse——————–3
  • Foundations of Nursing——————————————-3
  • Nursing in Illness and Health 1———————————-5

Clinical rotations start during the first semester. You’ll also need to take pre-requisite courses such as Life Span Growth & Development and Anatomy & Physiology for Medical Assistant classes in addition to the 14 units.

Semester II

Semester II is for a total of 14 units, to include:

  • Clinical-Med. /Surg.) Licensed Vocational Nurse—————3
  • Neonatal-Maternal————————————————–3
  • Nursing in Illness & Health II—————————————4
  • Advanced Nursing Skills———————————————3
  • Pediatrics————————————————————–2

The first Medical-Surgical Class is included during the second semester. This will also be the first time to take Maternal/Neonatal and Pediatrics classes. Clinical rotations will continue as well in the second semester.

Semester III

Semester III is for a total of 10 units, to include:

  • NCLEX-PN Review—————————————————2
  • Nursing in Illness and Health III———————————-4
  • Clinical Med/Surg. & Mental Health —————————-4

Class in Mental Health is included in addition to clinical rotations. The total credit units for the Del Mar LVN Program are 45 units fitted into 3-semester 1-year schoolwork.

Working and studying at the same time can be a tough, if not impossible, task. Serious determination and dedication are required for a student to be able to successfully launch his/her career as an LVN. The reward for the hard work especially if you pass the NCLEX-PN will and work as a licensed professional vocational nurse will be worth it.

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