Cisco College LVN Program

Cisco College is a 2 year state college located in Abilene, Texas. Cisco College currently has two main campuses: Abilene Tx and Cisco Tx. The Abilene campus offers one of Texas’ accredited LVN programs. The Abilene campus also offers one of the highest rated LVN to RN programs in the state.

Many students have begun their careers at Cisco by becoming an LVN, and then advancing to become registered nurses. Many of the students who complete the Registered Nursing program go on to receive their BSN from nearby Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Nursing at Abilene. Once you’re a Registered Nurse, your BSN can be earned in as little as 2 semesters through classroom and online coursework. The vast majority of prerequisite coursework can be completed at Cisco College, which will keep your educational costs low.

About the LVN Program at Cisco College

Licensed Vocational Nurse is a job title specific to California and Texas. In other states, LVNs are better known as licensed practical nurses outside of Texas and California, but they are almost the same. Basically, these nurses work under the supervision of RNs and physicians, allowing them to gain a better knowledge regarding the proper way of taking care of their patients.

In order to get an LVN license, you are required to take one of the accredited LVN programs in Texas. Cisco College is one of the state colleges that offer this. The average program length is 4 semesters. Basically, upon completion, you will be able to take the NCLEX-PN (National Licensure Examination for Practical Nurses) and begin working as a licensed vocational nurse.

By attending the LVN program at Cisco College, you’ll learn the basic healthcare and nursing procedures while being under direct supervision of registered nurses, but could also be other healthcare professionals. It’s also worth noting that LVNs are lower counterparts of registered nurses, and that’s why the supervision of RNs is necessary while they are on duty.

LVNs are the one who assists patients in their day-to-day activities, and the scope of practice that you’ll learn in the program includes the following:

  • The proper way to assist patients during feeding, as well as meal preparation
  • Helping patients with their daily hygiene, such as taking a bath, dressing, and grooming
  • Helping the patients move comfortably, such as transferring them from their bed to wheelchair, and vice versa, or with the help of assistive walking devices
  • Constant monitoring of vital signs, such as temperature, blood pressure, respiratory rates, pulse rates, and pain score

After having enough professional work experience as an LVN, you’ll be able to supervise nursing aides.

Additionally, as a licensed vocational nurse, you’ll be working in different settings; it can be in a clinical setting, such as hospice facilities, hospitals, psychiatric ward, nursing home, rehabilitation centers, and even private clinics. You can also consider doing community work. Many licensed vocational nurses also work in outpatient dialysis centers.

LVN Program Length at Cisco College

The LVN program in Cisco College can be completed in 4 semesters. Thus, the length of time of study can be completed in 1 year if you’ll be taking full time classes, or 2 years, if you’ll be doing it on a part time basis. As compared to bachelor’s degree programs in nursing, LVN programs are definitely shorter, allowing you to finish it early.

Program Cost of the Cisco College LVN Program

The LVN program is definitely more affordable than MSN and RN programs. Though, just like with those degrees, you have to consider that there are other expenses required while taking the course; this can be the nursing school uniforms, medical supplies, books, and tuition. Currently, tuition for the LVN program at Cisco College is $6,300, and books are approximately $1,600. So, the ENTIRE cost for the program hovers around $8,000.

As with most accredited state colleges in Texas, at Cisco College, you can apply for a financial aid from both private and government institutions. There are also scholarship grants that you can take advantage of, as well as student loans. Work study programs are also a great way to get a vocational nursing education for free, and you just have to repay by working in a certain institution. Pell Grants are also used by many students. Even if you aren’t sure which field of study you want to pursue, make sure you fill out your FAFSA paperwork!

Prerequisites to Enter the Program

In order to be accepted into the LVN program at Cisco College, you’ll have to fill out and submit an application form within their specified due date. You will also get a 75% or higher score on the HESI A2, and a minimum GPA of 3.0 or higher in all prerequisite courses. Immunizations should also be up to date.

If you’re already an LVN and want to apply to the LVN to RN program you must be an LVN in good standing in the state of Texas. Furthermore, you also have to consider that the LVN to RN program accepts a limited number of students. There are more applicants than spaces available for these accelerated nursing programs. Because of the high demand for the program, you’ll want to consider applying as soon as possible!

Classes Taken During the Program

Some of the classes that you have to take includes pediatrics, anatomy and physiology, gerontology, medical-surgical nursing, and many more. As for the core courses, you have to take an introduction to vocational nursing, mental health nursing, communication for nurses, and administering medication.

Average LVN Salary in Abilene, Texas

The current population of Abilene is now close to 120,000 people. There are many skilled nursing facilities in the area, as well as several major hospitals. There are also many private physicians’ offices, as well as 3 outpatient dialysis clinics. All of these healthcare facilities need licensed vocational nurses. In 2017, the average LVN salary in Abilene was $43,900. Although this is about $3,000 lower than the average LVN salary in Texas, the cost of living in Abilene is significantly lower than many big cities such as Dallas, Houston, and Austin.

The pay for Abilene licensed vocational nurses is approximately $1,000 lower than the nationwide LVN salary. The lower pay, however, is more than offset by Abilene’s cost of living. Using the Cost of Living Calculator at Sperling’s Best Places, you can see that Abilene has a score of 87.8. 100 is the average score, so Abilene is rated as lower than average. Sperling’s lists affordable housing as the biggest factor of rating Abilene more affordable than average.

So, even though you may make a bit less as an LVN in Abilene, the lower cost of living is in your favor. In other words, it’s easier to pay the bills as a licensed vocational nurse in Abilene than in the nearby cities of Dallas, Fort Worth, and Austin.

Cisco College LVN Program
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