Brazosport College LVN Program

The LVN Program at BC is 11 Months Long

Are you considering becoming a licensed vocational nurse (LVN)? If yes, Brazosport College in Lake Jackson Tx may be just what you’re looking for!

Brazosport College is among the best schools of choice for students in southern Brazoria County. Located on a 156 acres of impressively landscaped grounds in Lake Jackson, Brazosport College has the right facilities, equipment, and tools to deliver high-quality vocational nurse education.

Properly accredited LVN programs can be quite expensive these days. The program at Brazosport College (BC) offers a great nursing education while still being affordable.

To accommodate more students, the Brazosport College campus has expanded in the past few years. New buildings have been built, and facilities have been updated. With the new facilities, BC is doing everything it can to ensure the educational requirements of all its students are met.

The Brazosport College is a multi-awarded campus. In 2013 and 2015, the Aspen Institute ranked BC as among the top 10 community colleges in the US. Brazosport College is also recognized as one of the safest, most beautiful, and affordable college campuses in Texas.

Vocational Nursing Program at Brazosport College

The vocational nursing program at BC takes 11 months to complete. It begins in the Spring semester and ends in the 2nd week of November. The program helps students be prepared in taking the NCLEX-PN exam and ensure they obtain the necessary knowledge and practical skills to deliver quality healthcare services to the community.

Like other LVN programs in Texas, Brazosport College can’t guarantee success on the NCLEX-PN licensure exam. Though the school provides high-quality training and teaching, it is still up to the student’s abilities, attitude, and commitment to pass the test. Many students take NCLEX-PN test prep classes to help them prepare for the exam.

The LVN curriculum is divided into three semesters, the Spring (18 credit hours), Summer (13 credit hours), and Fall (7 credit hours) semesters.

The vocational nursing program at BC can be very physically, mentally, and financially demanding. Thus, students are advised to prepare well before seeking admission. Working during the vocational nursing program can be very difficult. Students are required to dedicate a significant amount of time and energy to complete the entire course.

What are the College Admission Requirements?

Applicants need to prepare and provide all the admission requirements of the LVN program. Here are the requirements:

  • Original transcripts from all previous colleges, nursing programs, and high schools
  • Pass the TSI test
  • College level reading skills
  • Complete Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) – this assessment test is administered through the Brazosport College Testing Center.
  • Applicants must obtain courses in Anatomy and Physiology:
    1. BIOL 2301/BIOL 2101 (Anatomy & Physiology I/Lab)
    2. BIOL 2302/BIOL 2102 (Anatomy & Physiology II/Lab)
    3. VNSG 1320 (A&P Allied Health)
  • Complete FBI criminal background screening
  • Immunization
  • BLS and CPR training

After initial assessment, the college decides which applicants are eligible to be part of the program. Accepted students should then complete the following:

  • Urine drug screen
  • Physical examination
  • Students must demonstrate ability to perform and meet essential physical functions of a vocational nurse. The following are some of the important attributes:
    1. Critical thinking
    2. Cognitive ability
    3. Interpersonal skills
    4. Communication skills
    5. Physical mobility
    6. Motor skills
    7. Hearing ability
    8. Visual ability
    9. Tactile ability
  • Immunization must be current
  • Final FBI criminal background check initiated by LVN program Coordinator

What Are the Steps in Applying to the LVN program?

There are certain steps you need to take before you can be admitted to the LVN program. These are the following:

  1. Download and read information packet
  2. Accomplish application form and submit it online (
  3. Complete all college admission requirements
  4. Complete the FAFSA application form as needed
  5. Register for the TEAS in the Testing Center
  6. Submit prior and current transcripts to the college registrar
  7. Provide reliable references
  8. Begin and complete required vaccinations
  9. Keep contact information updated

What is the Approximate Cost of the LVN Program at BC?

The program cost differs between in-district and out-of-district students. The expenses for the program include tuition, course fees, supplies, and books. For in-district students, the total cost for the first, second, and third semester is $4,479, $41501.50, and $808.50 respectively. For out-of-district students, it is $5091, $1943.50, and $1046.50.

What is the Expected LVN Salary?

After passing the NCLEX-PN exam and obtaining a license, graduates may now work as a licensed vocational nurse (LVN).

When it comes to salary, LVNs enjoy an above-average wage. For entry level LVNs, they receive a $21.60/hour or $44,928/year. This will increase to $24.77/hr or $51,521 per year for a median wage. For high wage, it reaches as high as $34.01/hr or $71K/year.

The LVN salary depends on the competency, experience, and credentials of each professional. Their employer or employing institution will also determine their salary.

Today, there are about 13,411 LVNs employed in the Gulf Coast region of Texas, and about 913 estimated annual job openings.

For some individuals, being a licensed vocational nurse serves as an entry point to the medical field. Thus, some LVNs take continuing education, training, and credentials to advance their medical career. LVN to RN programs are plentiful in Texas, and many newly minted vocational nurses choose this path.

Brazosport College LVN Program
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