Bell Tech Career Institute LVN Program

Become an LVN in Just 12 Months!

Are you passionate about helping other people recover from their injury or illness? Do you want to promote a better wellness level for everyone? Maybe, you want to make a positive difference in people’s lives? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then you should consider becoming a licensed vocational nurse.

Of course, there are different LVN programs in Texas and finding the right one may be difficult for you. If you want to make the right decision, then you need to consider Bell Tech Career Institute.

About BellTech Career Institute

The Bell Tech Career Institute opened its doors to students in Fall 2002. They are committed to providing the best educational programs since day one to all members of the community. With the right facility, faculty, and curriculum, Bell Tech Career Institute prepares aspiring students in meeting the current and future demands of today’s workforce in the healthcare industry.

About Bell Tech’s Vocational Nursing Program

The Bell Tech Career Institute offers one of the best LVN programs available today. Their classes are conducted Monday to Friday, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

The entire vocational nursing (VN) program is completed within a year. The program equips students with the right knowledge, skills, and understanding about the nursing care practice. After graduation, students are now qualified to take the NCLEX-PN exam to obtain a license and legally practice their profession.

The LVN program of the Bell Tech Career Institute is approved and regulated by the Texas Workforce Commission, Career Schools and Colleges, Austin, Texas.

Requirements for the Bell Tech Vocational Nursing Program

Not all students who want to be a vocational nurse are qualified to be part of the program. There are certain requirements you need to meet. Here are some of them:

• Students must be 18 years old above

• Texas Driver’s License

• Original Social Security card

• High school diploma

HESI Admission Assessment Exam (Score must be 70% or better)

• Application fee of $50

Vocational Nursing Tuition at Bell Tech

The estimated LVN program cost is $22,000 for the 12-month program. Here’s a breakdown:

• $20 – Student ID

• $40 – AHA CPR Certification

• $50 – Registration fee

• $200 – Lab supplies/User Fees

• $550 – Books/software/workbooks

• $21,190 – Tuition (Uniform fees and malpractice insurance are included in the tuition)

The payments of the total cost of $22,000 are split throughout the four quarters. The 1st payment of $5,500 is due on the 1st day of class. The 2nd payment is due on June, 3rd payment on September, and 4th is in December.

There are also additional costs that you need to be aware of:

• $25 – Texas Board of Nursing Jurisprudence Exam

• $35 – Urine drug screening

• $40 – fingerprinting

• $65 – HESI(Health Education Systems Incorporated) Exam

• $100 – NCLEX-PN Application Fee for Texas BON

• $126-$218 – Immunizations

Other Allied Health Programs Offered at Bell Tech

Aside from vocational nursing, there are other healthcare related programs available. These are the following:

• Nurse aide

• Medication aide

• Patient care technician

• Pharmacy technician

• Medical assistant

Job Description of a Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN)

Being a licensed vocational nurse is physically, emotionally, and mentally demanding. As this might be the case, it is also personally rewarding. For most LVNs, they work in hospitals, clinics, hospices, private homes, and other healthcare facilities for 40 hours per week.

Some of the most common tasks of LVNs is to take patient’s vital signs such as temperature, pulse rate, blood pressure, and respiration. Aside from this, LVNs help clients perform activities of daily living such as eating, walking, taking a bath, and grooming.

Since LVNs work in close cooperation with clients, they communicate their concerns to registered nurses or attending physicians. They also assist and collaborate with other healthcare team members to deliver quality care to every patient.

Career Options for Bell Tech Graduates

LVN programs are considered to be an entry point for any individual who wants to be part of the medical industry. It is a stepping stone to more complex healthcare roles. Thus, for most LVNs, they obtain continuing education and earn other credentials to help them perform other specialized medical procedures.

In 2019, the median annual LVN salary in Texas was $43,170.

Why choose Bell Tech Career Institute?

The Bell Tech Career Institute provides high-quality and efficient vocational nursing program. They are dedicated to helping each student to be a competent, responsible, and skilled member of the healthcare team. The school is equipped with innovative facilities, tools, and learning materials to ensure students learn not just theoretical concepts, but also practical skills.

As of January 2017, the Bell Tech Career Institute’s NCLEX passing rate is 100% as seen on Texas Board of Nursing website.

If you decide to choose Bell Tech Career Institute or you have inquiries, you can contact them at (713) 636-2659 or (832) 770-0750. You can also visit them at 14602 Presidio Square Blvd., Houston, Texas 77083.

Bell Tech Career Institute LVN Program
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