Alvin Community College LVN Program

ACC Has Been Around for More Than 65 Years!

Do you want to be a licensed vocational nurse? If yes, you need to find the right educational institution that equips you with the right knowledge, skills, and understanding in fulfilling your desired career. With so many LVN programs in Texas, you have probably been wondering which one you should choose. For this reason, it is highly recommended to choose Alvin Community College.

About Alvin Community College

Alvin Community College (ACC) is highly dedicated to helping students succeed in their chosen field, achieve their dreams, and contribute to the welfare of the community. The college provides premier and excellent academic, technical, and cultural programs.

ACC first opened its doors to students on September 12, 1949. With decades of experience, ACC has the right facility and knowledge to deliver quality education to students. From its first year of operation, ACC has seen a rapid growth in its geographic size, facilities, and the number of students.

For more than sixty years of service, Alvin Community College has served thousands of students. It has provided exceptional workforce certificate program and continuing education courses.

It is worth noting that the ACC campus is a place where any student will thrive. The ACC provides equal opportunity to everyone and does not discriminate against people by race, color, religion, sex, pregnancy, parental status, age, disability, national origin, family medical history, political affiliation, and genetic information.

An Overview of the Vocational Nursing Program

Alvin Community College provides a vocational nursing program that includes laboratory, classwork, and clinical exposures. After completing the 44 credits of the program, graduates can then take the NCLEX-PN exam and receive their vocational nursing license.

It is worth noting that Alvin Community College has a passing rate of 100% from 2014 to 2016, based on a report generated by the Texas BON (Board of Nursing). This makes the college to be one of the top choices when it comes to accredited LVN programs.

Minimum Requirements for ACC

The application period for the vocational nursing program usually begins during Fall. The exact dates and deadline are announced accordingly.

To apply for the program, you need to meet the minimum requirements:

There is no GPA requirement for the program since there are no pre-requisite courses for it.

You need to take the HESI A2 test and obtain at least 70 for the reading section and at least 65 for the cumulative score. HESI A2 test includes general knowledge, math, grammar, reading comprehension, vocabulary, anatomy, and physiology.

As mandated by the Texas Board of Nursing, students should present a proof of high school completion for all VN applicants.

Moreover, students should have received Hepatitis-B shots. A copy of the Hep-B proof should be presented upon enrollment.

After initial acceptance of possible students, there’s a final approval process. In this stage, VN applicants must complete a drug screen test and obtain two clear background checks. One is a background check made by the FBI, and the other one is conducted by an agency designated by clinical affiliates. Moreover, a physical exam is required along with other lab tests.

Some requirements may differ between U.S. citizens and international students. You need to check the registrar’s office to get more details. Students are required to attend a mandatory applicant meeting.

Acceptance Notifications for the LVN Program

Alvin Community College notifies applicants approximately six weeks after the application deadline. Please note that the official means of communication from ACC to students is email. So make sure that you check your email inbox. If you don’t see an email notification, check your spam folder. Often, emails from educational institutions end up in your junk folder.

Program costs at Alvin Community College

To get an idea how much the LVN program will cost, please refer to the list below:

  1. $1,980 – in-state tuition and fees
  2. $1,319 – books and supplies
  3. $7,680 – off-campus room and board
  4. $6,160 – out-of-state tuition and fees
  5. Course fees of $636
  6. Other expenses of $879

Looking at the program cost, some students might feel they don’t have enough resources to cover the costs of their education. In this case, there are financial aid programs available for deserving students.

Students can choose from the three types of financial aid programs. These are the Department Scholarship, Donor Scholarship, and ACC Foundation Scholarship.

To apply for the scholarship program of your choice, you need to complete the entire admission process, create an FSA ID, complete FAFSA, and submit all required documents.

Why become a licensed vocational nurse?

The medical field is among the largest and most stable economic industries. While there are different ways to get into the medical field, being a vocational nurse is among the most cost-effective, easiest, and quickest choice. From there, you may pursue a higher level of education to advance your medical career.

According to the 2016 report from the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics), LVN jobs will increase by 24% through 2022. On average, the LVN salary is $41,090-$57,000 annually. Obviously, there are many variables that go into determining pay. Things such as years of experience, location, and advanced training all come into play.

Aside from financial reward, being an LVN puts you in a position where you can make a positive difference in people’s life.

Alvin Community College LVN Program
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