LPN Salary Alabama

The Bureau of Labor Statistics last reported the average LPN salary in 2016. According to their latest information, there were 15,850 LPNs employed in Alabama. LPNs earned $36,800 in 2016. This averages out to $17.69 per hour. This pay is approximately 12% lower than the national average. It’s also significantly lower than the overall salary for all occupations in Alabama, which was $42,510.

Licensed Practical Nurses are also known as Licensed Vocational Nurses in California and Texas. The two terms are used interchangeably. The LPN – LVN salary earned can vary greatly, depending on many factors. The metropolitan area of Montgomery has the highest pay, while the Southeast part of the state pays the least. Another factor that determines practical nurse pay is the type of job performed. For instance, being a personal caregiver will typically be on the low end of the payscale, while doing work for an insurance company will pay the highest. Although the average LPN/LVN Salary in Alabama is lower than the national average, so is the cost of living. According to a study commissioned by CNBC.com, Alabama has the 12th lowest cost of living in the country! 

Unemployment is also strikingly low in Alabama. As of September 2017, the unemployment rate is 5.4%. There are plenty of employment opportunities for LVNs/LPNs in Alabama and other southern states.

 Average Salary
LPN Salary in Alabama (AL) $36,800
Alabama State Salary $42,510
LPN Salary in U.S.A. $47,000