LPN Programs in Alaska

Although Alaska is the largest state in the Country, it is thinly populated. Because the population is less than 1 million peole, you may think there aren’t many opportunities for licensed practical nurses. This couldn’t be further from the truth! As healthcare services in Alaska continue to expand, so too does the need for competent LPNs. The Anchorage School of Nursing at the University of Alaska is the most popular of the LPN programs in Alaska.

Alaska LPN Programs:

The medical professionals are assisted by the licensed practical nurses so that they can effectively utilize their valuable time on other important tasks. You can enroll in the LPN programs offered by the accredited vocational schools and community colleges. If there is any problem in finding the LPN programs as per your timetable and location you can always find distance learning courses or online courses which you may study as and when you get time according to your schedule.

In Alaska you need to complete the LPN training and obtain the LPN certification from the Board of Nursing. For the training, you need to attend LPN schools approved by the Alaska Board of Nursing. After the fulfillment of the training, you have to take the state LPN examination to receive the license. These programs usually take about 12 months to complete.

Eligibility Criteria

Before enrolling in any school for the LPN training, the candidate is asked to verify that they have been a certified nursing assistant (CNA). Students must pass the elementary reading test, and they must be CPR certified. The background and health screening (TB test) also needs to be submitted and they must return back with negative results.

The different modules of LPN training makes you ready for the state exam for certification and the responsibilities to be held by the job post. The course of LPN training includes both classroom training as well clinical training.

Average Course Fees

The license can be received by passing the nationally standardized test (NCLEX-PN). This test is conducted by Pearson Vue and amounts to $320. The criminal background check of the applicant is also done. After passing this examination, you are qualified to work as a practical nurse in Alaska.

Salary of an LPN in Alaska

In Alaska, LPNs are overseen by physicians as well as RNs. LPNs earn $57,000 per annum in addition to benefits. They have flexible schedules and may work on weekends, day, night or holiday shifts. So, as of 2017, the average LPN salary in Alaska is now over $55,000! Keep in mind, however, that the cost of living may be higher than average.

Online Practical Nursing Programs

There are some accredited online schools also which allow you to pursue degree through distance learning also. These online schools need to accredit themselves through by the National League of Nursing Accreditation Commission and The Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE).

  • TESST College of Technology
  • South University

What’s the Difference Between the LPN Salary and the LVN Salary?

In Alaska, entry-level nurses are known as licensed practical nurses. In some states, specifically Texas and California, they are known as licensed vocational nurses. For all intents and purposes, therre is no difference between LPNs and LVNs. So if you ever hear someone in Alaska refer to vocational nursing, just know that it is the same as practical nursing.

The same goes for education and pay. The average LVN salary nation-wide is just over $43,000. Just keep in mind that the terms LPN and LVN are often used interchangeably.