The salary of a Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN) will change depending on many factors, including skill sets, experiences, education and location (for example in hospitals, at homes or some individual institutions), etc. How much does a Licensed Vocational Nurse make an hour? Hopefully can help you find the answer.

Average LVN Salary in USA: $47,540 per year

The salary of a LVN in the United States is $47,540 per annum, which is $2,240 higher than the U.S. national salary. The average salary is $3,962 per month, $914 per week and $22.86 per hour.

Licensed Vocational Nurse Salary Range

LVN salary$35,500$47,540$67,000 (+)
U.S. national salary$19,460$45,300$232,467 (+)

Highest-Paying Careers for LVN

A Research Nurse LVN is one of the highest paying jobs in the country, with the average salary sitting at $58,500 per year.

Hourly Rate
Annual Salary
Research Nurse LVN$28.12$58,500
LVN Correction$24.24$50,420
LVN Family Care$21.99$45,750
LVN Home Health$18.99$39,500
LVN Primecare Outpatient Clinic$18.94$39,400
LVN Salary

LVN Salary in California & Texas

Hourly Rate
Weekly Wage
Monthly Salary
Annual Salary
LVN Salary in California $27.49$1,099$4,764$57,170
LVN Salary in Texas $24.10$963$4,176$50,120

Average Salary by City

Hourly Rate
Weekly Wage
Monthly Salary
Annual Salary
Los Angeles$26.83$1,073$4,651$55,810
San Antonio$23.38$935$4,052$48,620
San Diego$26.27$1,051$4,553$54,640
San Francisco$32.00$1,280$5,546$66,550

Highest-Paying Industries for LVN

By working at college or for an insurance company, a LVN can make at least $54,000 per year.

Hourly Rate
Annual Salary
Junior Colleges, Community Colleges$26.83$55,820
Insurance Companies$26.22$54,550
Grantmaking and Giving Services$25.23$52,490
Scientific Research and Development Services$24.77$51,540
Lessors of Real Estate$24.24$50,420

Highest-Paying States and Territories for LVN

Connecticut is the highest paying state for Licensed Vocational Nurse, earning an average of $59,560 per year.

Hourly Rate
Annual Salary
Washington DC$27.87$57,980
New Jersey$27.57$57,350
LVN salary by state chartClick on the Map to check LVN Salary by State.

Highest-Paying Metropolitan areas for LVN

San Francisco is the highest-paying metro area for a Licensed Vocational Nurse in California.

Metropolitan area
Hourly Rate
Annual Salary
San Francisco-San Mateo-Redwood City, CA Metropolitan Division$32.01$66,590
Oakland-Fremont-Hayward, CA Metropolitan Division$31.49$65,500
Salinas, CA$31.17$64,850
Vallejo-Fairfield, CA$30.74$63,950
San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara, CA$30.50$63,450

Highest-Paying Nonmetropolitan areas for LVN

Southeast Alaska and St. Mary’s County, Maryland, are two of the best non-metro areas based on annual salaries.

Nonmetropolitan area
Hourly Rate
Annual Salary
Southeast Alaska$29.39$61,150
St. Mary's County, Maryland$29.06$60,450
Railbelt / Southwest Alaska$28.17$58,600
North Valley Region of California$27.81$57,850
Mother Lode Region of California$27.11$56,400

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics – BLS
Currency: The United States dollar (sign: $; code: USD)

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