The salary of LVN will change depending on many factors, including skill sets, experiences, education and location (for example in hospitals, at homes or some individual institutions), etc. How much do LVNs make? Hopefully can help you find the answer.

Average LVN Salary: $47,540 per year

LVN Wages

The salary for Vocational Nurse in the United States is $47,540 per annum, which is $2,240 higher than the U.S. national income. LVN average salary is $3,962 per month, $914 per week and $22.86 per hour.

Salary Range

LVN pay$35,500$47,540$67,000 (+)
U.S. national income$19,460$45,300$232,467 (+)

California and Texas



A research nurse LVN is one of the highest paying jobs in the country, with the average income sitting at $58,500 per year.

Research Nurse$28.12$58,500
Family Care$21.99$45,750
Home Health$18.99$39,500
Primecare Outpatient Clinic$18.94$39,400

Top Paying Cities

San Francisco$32.00$1,280 $5,546 $66,550
Los Angeles$26.83$1,073 $4,651 $55,810
San Diego$26.27$1,051 $4,553 $54,640
Dallas$25.15$1,006 $4,359 $52,310
Houston$25.07$1,003 $4,345 $52,140
San Antonio$23.38$935$4,052 $48,620

Top 5 Industries

By working at college or for an insurance company, a nurse can make at least $54,000 a year.

Junior Colleges, Community Colleges$26.83$55,820
Insurance Companies$26.22$54,550
Grantmaking and Giving Services$25.23$52,490
Scientific Research and Development Services$24.77$51,540
Lessors of Real Estate$24.24$50,420

States and Territories

Connecticut is the best paying state for LVNs, earning an average of $59,560 per year. Here is the list of 54 U.S. states and territories:

StateHourly RateAnnual Salary
Connecticut (CT)$28.63$59,560
Massachusetts (MA)$27.91$58,060
Washington DC$27.88$57,980
New Jersey (NJ)$27.57$57,350
California (CA)$27.49$57,170
Rhode Island (RI)$27.46$57,120
Delaware (DE)$27.09$56,350
Arizona (AZ)$27.06$56,290
Maryland (MD)$26.88$55,900
Alaska (AK)$26.47$55,050
Oregon (OR)$25.65$53,360
Washington (WA)$25.55$53,140
Nevada (NV)$25.48$52,990
New Hampshire (NH)$25.07$52,150
Hawaii (HI)$25.03$52,070
Colorado (CO)$24.88$51,750
New York (NY)$24.16$50,250
Texas (TX)$24.10$50,120
Massachusetts (MA)$23.85$49,600
Illinois (IL)$23.40$48,680
Virgin Islands (VI)$23.32$48,500
Pennsylvania (PA)$23.26$48,390
Vermont (VT)$23.26$48,390
Wisconsin (WI)$23.25$48,350
Florida (FL)$23.10$48,050
Wyoming (WY)$22.95$47,740
Virginia (VA)$22.90$47,640
Minnesota (MN)$22.89$47,620
North Carolina (NC)$22.84$47,510
Alabama (AL)$22.84$47,500
Ohio (OH)$22.34$46,460
Maine (ME)$22.26$46,310
Georgia (GA)$22.13$46,040
Indiana (IN)$21.98$45,720
Utah (UT)$21.82$45,380
South Carolina (SC)$21.66$45,050
Idaho (ID)$21.38$44,470
North Dakota (ND)$21.11$43,900
Nebraska (NE)$21.08$43,840
Louisiana (LA)$21.07$43,820
Kansas (KS)$21.05$43,790
Mississippi (MS)$20.98$43,630
Guam (GU)$20.96$43,600
Missouri (MO)$20.95$43,580
Kentucky (KY)$20.94$43,550
Tennessee (TN)$20.77$43,200
New Mexico (NM)$20.67$42,990
Oklahoma (OK)$20.58$42,800
Iowa (IA)$20.39$42,410
Mississippi (MS)$19.82$41,230
Arkansas (AR)$19.64$40,850
West Virginia (WV)$19.55$40,660
South Dakota (SD)$19.36$40,270
Puerto Rico (PR)$13.17$27,400

Metropolitan areas

“The City by the Bay” is the highest paying metro area for a nurse in California.

Metro AreaHourly RateYearly Income
San Francisco - Oakland - Hayward, CA$32.01$66,590
San Mateo - Redwood City, CA Metro Division$31.49$65,500
Salinas, CA$31.17$64,850
Vallejo - Fairfield, CA$30.74$63,950
San Jose - Santa Clara - Sunnyvale, CA$30.50$63,450

Nonmetropolitan areas

Southeast Alaska and St. Mary’s County, Maryland, are two of the best non-metro areas based on annual salaries.

Non-Metro AreaHourlyYearly
Southeast Alaska$29.39$61,150
St. Mary's County, Maryland $29.06$60,450
Railbelt / Southwest Alaska $28.17$58,600
North Valley Region of California $27.81$57,850
Mother Lode Region of CA$27.11$56,400

Nursing Career

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  • Best State for LVN: California
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